Travelsprouts Products:

Is the TravelCaddy organizer US Product Safety Commission compliant?

Yes – the TravelCaddy organizer is compliant with US Product Safety Commission regulations.  Please note that this product is intended for primary use by the parent – and is not a toy for children.  The product is being tested for mechanical safety, but children should not use the TravelCaddy organizer without supervision.  Due to small parts, please refrain from having children 0-3 use the product unsupervised.

Are the TravelKit products US Product Safety Commission compliant?

We are an authorized reseller for all of the products in our TravelKits.  While we do not test their products for safety, we rely on the testing and certification processes of the original manufacturers.  We work with reputable manufactures and brands - and feel confident that the products are safe for your children.  However, any questions on safety of specific products should be directed to the manufacturer.  

How soon will I receive my product?

We ship all product USPS First Class Mail – depending on your location, shipping times range from 2 to 5 days.  For specific delivery dates, please refer to the tracking code provided on your receipt.  If you need the tracking number, please email for assistance.

Does the TravelCaddy work on all planes?  On all seats?

TravelCaddy is designed to work on all the larger commercial airline planes (for example, Boeing or Airbus) as well as many of the small and mid-size regional jets (for example, Embraer and Bombardier).  TravelCaddy is designed to work where there is a tray table accessible on the back of the seat ahead of you with a latch on the top (almost all of the tray tables in use).  The velcro on the side of the TravelCaddy allows it to be used on a tray table that comes from your armrest (although this is a less effective use of the product).  There may be some small private planes with smaller tray tables or alternative seat arrangements where this will be less effective. 

Can I use the TravelCaddy in my car?

While this product was meant for use on airplanes, it can be used in cars.  Unfortunately, you would need to have something to hang it from.  If we learn that people want something like this for cars, we’ll design something in the near future.  So email us and let us know!

How do I clean my TravelCaddy?

The TravelCaddy is meant for spot cleaning – it is not meant to run through a traditional washing machine.  We have installed two lined pockets where we felt most messes would occur, in the cup holder and the crayon/market pocket.  These pockets can be pulled out and washed thoroughly with soap and water.  If you do wash it, but sure to hang dry the product well before storing it back its storage pouch. 


Kid’s Travel Heath:

Who is Dr. Karl Neumann?

Dr. Karl Neumann is a pediatrician, travel medicine practitioner, and journalist. He is Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Clinical Associate Attending Pediatrician Emeritus at New York Presbyterian Hospital / Cornell Medical Center. He is the former editor of the newsletter of the International Society of Travel Medicine, an editor of the International Child Health Newsletter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and former newsletter editor of the Wilderness Medical Society. He has written chapters on pediatric travel medicine for textbooks, hundreds of articles for major newspapers, and edited and published a popular newsletter. He lectures frequently to physicians around the world on the medical aspects of travel and outdoor recreational activities.

How do I know what the vaccination or medical requirements are for a specific destination?

You should always reference the Center for Disease Control for specific, up-to-date vaccination requirements and traveler alerts for all international destinations.  To help with this, the CDC has launched the TravWell app that helps you locate all relevant information.  You can get this app for your smart phone on your app store.   

Can I contact Dr. Neumann directly for a question?

Most questions about our little ones are very personal – and for your safety and for that of your child, we recommend that you contact your pediatrician for any questions specific to your child.  That way the doctor with the most complete information is giving the advice. 

However, we are happy to take any suggested topics that you may have for Dr. Neumann’s future articles.  We can’t guarantee that your topic will be covered, but we will do our best to address what we can.  Please send all suggested topics to


General questions:

Where can I rent baby equipment?

We are currently working to make this MUCH MUCH easier – that part of our website is in process.  In the meantime, there are a few vendor sites you can visit. 

Baby’s Away ( covers about 28 states in the US. 

Rent the Baby Gear ( ships your equipment to all 48 contiguous states.  So they cover almost all cities in this area.

Baby Equipment Rental ( is a broad directory which features almost all the states and many countries.  Some of the links need to be updated, so you’ll want to check this list carefully. Also, many of these vendors are independent companies, so you’ll want to check their online reviews (e.g., through Yelp) to verify they are good and reliable

But we know this is a pain and we are working very hard to make this part of the process much easier.  So check back with us in a few months. 

Can Travelsprouts make specific travel arrangements for my family?

Unfortunately, no.  We recommend that you use a local travel agent.  We are working on getting you good information for this as well, so check back with us in a few months.

What if I want to get involved with or make a suggestion to Travelsprouts?

If you have specific feedback, general comments, or want to get involved with Travelsprouts, please contact us at