Hi!  Welcome to Travelsprouts!  I am a mother of two amazing boys and the wife to one amazing man in Los Angeles, California.  Bobby and I took our first trip when our older son was 7 weeks old – a 5 hour flight to Hawaii.  I was terrified!  I had no idea what to expect, what to bring, where to go.  How do I keep my son on a sleep schedule?  What if he freaked out on the flight?  How do I get those special baby diapers?  How can I get some sleep!?  

Luckily, I had my sister-in-law to turn to.  Nancy coached me and I soaked it all in.  I started accumulating packing lists, testing equipment rental vendors, evaluating travel products, and reading like a fiend.  My friends asked great questions and had great advice (thanks, ladies!) and I researched a ton. 

Why am I so obsessed?  Because in that first trip (and the 70+ trips that have followed) after we experienced something truly special with our boys – the joy of just being together.  No phone, no traffic, no distractions…just our family and all the memories we could handle. 

Ok, so I’m also a bit of a nerd.  A science major at Yale, a finance and strategy MBA, and a former strategy consultant with Bain & Co., I’m programmed to look for efficiencies, collect and assimilate data, and create a replicable strategies to improve a process.  And I’m a bulldog when it comes to finding an answer.  I bring passion and dedication to making things work better. 

I hope that you find value on our site – and more importantly, I hope you get back out there.  See you out on the road!!